Public Adjuster Illinois

Together with your insurance agent and the claim department, “Public Adjuster Illinois” take a decision on the process by evaluating the damages and figuring out an immediate solution to secure your property. For larger possible damage we will protect with a tarp, cut water supply if it’s the cause of damage, cut electric power, cut gas supply if it is found a risk by the supplying company.



No-Risk Consultation

No-Risk Consultation


In 1996 the owner of the company started off as a member of the local 1307 of the carpenters United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America… Going through 5 years of schooling in the area of construction and belonging to the Chicago Regional  Council of Carpenters.

The  company started in 2000 being in service until now even though there had been a few changes ERS Industry has always offered its services to the community  of Chicago  since 1996 until now and helping their clients with their loss and restoration in the legal area of Independent public adjuster since 2016 starting with the legal process making it easier for the clients throughout the process of reconstruction  in the three areas of adjustment, restoration , and cleaning.

P.A. Adjuster Firm, ERS Industry Corp, and Grace Environment Cleaning

Our consultation over your loss is completely free and without obligation. If your consultation requires immediate attention we will send a technician to secure the situation. Our 24/7 emergency service has a minimum fee of $75 that if submitting a claim is usually covered by the insurance.

We take your information and information on what you consider a loss and the why and how it happened.

  • We will make an appointment to inspect the damages when it is most convenient to the client.
  • If the damage Is quite large and the cost of the required repairs is of considerable amount or the safety of people or belongings are at risk we proceed to submit a claim.
  • We contact your insurance and claims department to obtain a claim number and if there was a temporary intervention required we will let the insurance know.
  • We make an appointment with the adjuster representing the insurance so we can together calculate the damages.
  • We obtain approval from the insurance and proceed the reconstruction with the first check.
  • We make a final appointment with the Insurance adjuster in charge of inspections to make a final inspection when the job is finished.
  • P.A. Adjuster Firm and ERS Industry Corp along with  Grace Environment Cleaning work together from beginning to end to bring you peace of mind during your loss.

We do not only offer a consultation for the process of a loss but also give the necessary recommendations and safety procedures in case of a loss.

-We offer inspections completely free to homeowners and business owners as well as free estimates sent through email referring to costs of reconstruction without a charge. This evaluation will be sent five days after the inspection, if needed before the five days there will be a fee of $150 to be sent right away through email.


Emergency Services We Provide

  • Blue Tarps Trip $175
  • Blue Tarp 8×10 & Under $400
  • Blue Tarp 12×10 $500
  • Blue Tarp 20×30 $600
  • Repairs of Some Missing Shingles for
    a Bd or less $200
  • Disconnect electric service in coordination with Co-med (covered by insurance) we take care of The coordination and Security $1,400
  • Stop Leaks Start at $300
  • Remove snow from roof one story start at $300
  • Completely cover property with blue tarp 60×100 starts At $1,500 depending on design and pitch
  • Cut Water Supply ( Covered by Insurance) $600
  • Cut Gas supply in coordination with Nicor Gas or Another provider (covered by insurance) $1,100